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08 Februar -
10 März


Heiko Daxl / Ingeborg Fülepp

...are made of this...

22 March -
13 April

007 Strictly Berlin
Targets of Opportunity

Video, Performances, Installations, Documentations, Music, Multimedia, Stills, Paintings and Objects from the first seven years of the 3. Millenium

VIDEO DOCUMENTATION: Exhibition, Videos, Finissage

Curators: Heiko Daxl und Ingeborg Fülepp (dafü®) http://www.mediainmotion.de

20 April -
13 May



Uri Katzenstein Hope Machines (only German Version)
Video, Performance und polite robots

Curator: Noam Braslavsky


09 June -
08 July


Residency Project
The Artist as Ready-made

Curator: Lauren Moffatt
Artistic Director: Noam Braslavsky

07 September - 21 November

Lare X. Schiffer
I'll Be Your Modell: A Service for You

Concept & Direction: Till Nikolaus von Heiseler Artistic Execution: Janus von Abaton, Till Nikolaus von Heiseler, Sophia Nabokov u.a. Journalistic Texts: Cathrine Claudel

29 Septeember - 26 Oktober

The Murakami Collection

Artistic Director: Noam Braslavsky

23 November

Lail Braslavsky
My First Exhibition OR: to be on the right place at the right time

Curated by Noam Braslavsky