14-28 March 2008

Curated by Gillian Holt

„The value of thinking is not that it yields positive results that can be considered settled, but that it constantly returns to question again and again the meaning that we give to experiences, actions and circumstances. “

Grey Area examines the theme of Banality of violence, that is to say, the everyday abuse of power, in all its various forms, and the personal, political and socio-cultural consequences thereof. This first phase of the project comprises a 14-day interdisciplinary exhibition in which through the media of video, installation and photography, nine international artists present their current insights into this theme.

Grey Area casts a sceptical eye over some of these various forms of violence and their everyday appearances, not in order to reach concrete conclusions of binary opposites but instead to formulate more subtle and pertinent questions.

Majid Yar Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy found at

Participating Artists

Jenny Hauke
Gillian Holt
Kerstin Honeit
Avital Isak
Ben Jones
Zoltan Kunckel
Brighid Mulley
Louis Fernandez-Pons & Jasmina Llobet
Shira Wachsmann
Gillian Holt/Ofri Lapid

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