by Shahar Marcus

Curated by Paz A. Guevara



Shahar Marcus (1971, Israel), recently awarded with the renowned Biatris S. Koliner Prize for young artists by the Israel Museum of Art, presents his first solo show in Berlin at Galerie der Künste.

BREAD AND BUNKER is a video installation and performance made from 1.500 loaves of bread and five video works. One by one the artist will collect the bread forming a 1.80 cm high barricade, surrounding the whole interior of the gallery.

The audience enters the gallery and finds themselves inside a bunker. Protection and fear, interior and exterior, loneliness and comradeship are simultaneously perceived. The video works are inserted along the bread walls, each a story and adventure performed by Marcus in a previous bread bunker made in Tel Aviv especially for this Berlin project: the decoration of a military general with medals, which are in reality colorful cookies; the homemade manufacture of rifles and pistols made of dough; Marcus battling with a kilos of dough, and more-100

BREAD AND BUNKER ironically exhibits the contingent and dramatic parallel of nourishment and war: “The exhibition refers to war as the human fuel and the humanity feeds it back in an endless cannibal circle of predator and prey” (Marcus). On the contrary of the real bunkers: “the bunker that I will build will be temporary and perishable, as opposed to the concrete bunkers that stay as ).monuments long after the fights are over” (Marcus)

In Israel Marcus is considered one of the major young artists in the video and performance fields, and as the re-inventor of the pioneer and experimental performance work of Danny Zakheim from the 80’s in Israel. We are extremely pleased to open the BREAD AND BUNKER exhibition with this performance by Shahar Marcus

Shahar Marcus was born in 1971 in Petach Tikva, Israel ., lives and works in Tel Aviv

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