Maurizio Cattelan, Noam Braslavsky, Camille Rose Garcia & Janet Ginsburg, Hüseyin Arda, Cesare Viel, Astrid Menze & Thomas Ladenburger, Wojciech Stamm, Ola Lewin, Emma Braslavsky

Curator Emma Braslavsky

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Press Release
Official Opening of the Web Museum for Language with the Exhibition «zivilgeneratur» (civil generature)
9 works on the language of civil evolution

Interdisciplinary exhibition by artists, authors, philosophers

Participants: Maurizio Cattelan & Paola Manfrin (Italy /USA); Camille Rose Garcia & Janet Ginsburg (USA); Noam Braslavsky (Israel/Germany), Astrid Menze & Thomas Ladenburger (Germany); Wojciech Stamm (Poland/Germany); Ola Lewin (Lithuania/Israel/Germany); Cesare Viel (Italy); Hüseyin Arda (Turkey/Germany);
Emma Braslavsky (Germany)

Duration From March 6 – 28, 2004

Artistic director Emma Braslavsky

On Saturday, March 6, 2004, at the new location of the GdK Galerie der Künste, in Berlin, the first nonacademic, interdisciplinary and transmedial language museum will open with an exhibition featuring a roster of international artists: «zivilgeneratur» (civil generature). papirossa is a museum whose premises are found permanently in the internet, but which does not regard language as bound to a medium; it is a web museum because it uses language to weave together virtual and actual disciplines, arts and sciences. The language museum takes language as its subject and uses the arts, the sciences and philosophy as means of demonstration. With periodic exhibits and events, and in cooperation with other institutions, we explore phenomena through language and through language states. Each selected work will be translated into a digital version
and displayed permanently in the online museum.

The opening of the language museums is also the launch of an international call for statements and works that take a transcultural, transdisciplinary and transmedial approach to language. The
curators will select interesting approaches from the selected works and then present them in an exhibit.
Over time, this will give rise to categories and viewpoints, solutions and structures made visible by a range
of works. We are looking for rule systems that transcend grammar.
Works can be sent to kuratorium@papirossa.org or by mail to papirossa – netzmuseum fuer sprache,
PO Box 309136, D-10760 Berlin/Germany.






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